Times are changing. Have you never heard that? Like a million times! And was it not soaked in the premise of ‘nothing you can do about it’ and ‘didn’t see that coming’, insinuating that you might need to - just catch up. Usually grown ups talked that way. Right?

Well, times are changing. And that desire for change is in you. Not something outside, that’s just gonna happen to you. It is your wish for newness and freedom or whatever that is calling you to act and seek new ways to live your life. That’s the real change, the meaningful change, the empowered change, the peaceful change.

I really liked when I first heard about the “REgeneration”: people of all ages who share an interest in REnewable REsources, REcycling and other ways of sustaining the natural world. Though I strongly reject labelling people I like the concept first coined by Michael DELL (Dell Founder). Maybe it’s just too true to ignore.

Thomas L. Friedman argued from here, that the road to global and individual well being and individual freedom (no less) shall be safeguarded in the repair of Mother Nature, Community and Financial Markets in the Spirit and with the Values of Sustainability;

“Something is environmentally sustainable when it protects, restores or regenerates the environment rather than degrades it.” 

Because he points out, the downside would mean scarcity which is also known to be fertile grounds for authoritarianism.

That Relovution thing. It’s that, and so much more. It’s simple, it’s everything and it’s inclusive. It’s nature and everyone’s in! Plus it redistributes the power to choose for ourselves what is right, straight from our inner wisdom. And we all have inner wisdom. Just need to tap it.

When you start opening yourself to beauty (I had to put that in there) and heart, I believe you naturally align with harmony for yourself. And that’s the dance of life. By creating a growing connection with your true self, you can do the changes that affect your life in a joyful way. Planting the intention is also key, It invites the universe to collaborate in your success. One intention at a time, the choices become clearer, and wellness, joy and peace increase, naturally. It’s time.

Regeneration to Revolution

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