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About My World

I love to design. I love to write. I love to nurture and support my family and friends. I love humans who are creative and find alternative ways to express themselves and enjoy techni-coloured lives. And I also write lots of manifestos! You’ll find one on my community page.

Light, flow, colour, volumes ... understanding my clients, who they are and what they want, is what inspires me. That’s why I love to transform living spaces and design things, to serve humans. Beauty and harmony are key to enhancing lives. It lights me up.

Writing is another form of expression I enjoy. I write stories about humanoids, life and love. I like to share my ‘take’ on things, creating space to think out of the grid and have clearer perceptions. It is my way of considering and creating a rich life in synch with our true nature ...

Look at my stories and you’ll discover Bixichick, "the main actor in her life" who finds great joy when she hops on the city-bikes and develops super powers! With her vivid imagination, her "eco save the planet" attitude and her zest for living, she gets by everything life throws at her! And there’s also Grace and Dylan, who share a modern day love story. You know ... the ones that don’t quite line up, but still feel like pure magic ... yeah, that one ...


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A Bit About Before

I got my BA in Political Science and travelled extensively. I like a lot of things which makes things a notch more complicated.

FASHION: At 25 I started my clothing company, doing a collection which cumulated in a collaboration with a 500 store chain in North America.

DECO: Interested in Living Spaces, furnishings, textures and light, I did some renovation projects for clients and styled for Interior magazines.

FAMILY: Mother of two boys I’ve put aside my other passions to oversee my children’s development and followed a training in psychotherapy, a field-discipline that is useful everyday!

SOCIETY: Pro-active, I got involved in the schooling sector, teaching and collaborating towards different community projects, like radio and local food.